Return Policy

Starter kit:

If your Assigned Independent Dental Professional (“AIDP”, “AIDPs”) determines that the Sequence32 clear aligner system is not the right fit for your needs, your starter kit will be refunded in full. You may be refunded in full based on the answers completed in your dental/medical questionnaire following the purchase of your starter kit. If your starter kit is sent back with unusable impressions, we will send you a new starter kit free of charge. For your safety, unused starter kits cannot be returned.

Clear aligners:

New treatment plan and refinements:

Our goal is that you are happy with the results you achieve. Starting a new treatment is a serious matter requiring dedication for satisfactory results. It is crucial that you follow the treatment plan wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day. You must upload the required images every 14 days or 7 days after switching to a new step for your AIDP to monitor your progress remotely. You must maintain proper oral health during your treatment and continue with your routine general dentist visits. Your AIDP will assess your results and determine if a new treatment plan is required. Additional refinements and new treatment plan along with its new steps of clear aligners are free of charge and included.

Defective product policy:

Do you believe that you received a defective product? If so, please contact us immediately in order for us to process a replacement.

Acceptance of treatment plan:

Once your case has been accepted, a 3D treatment plan will be created, you will be notified once the 3D preview is available for your viewing. You may contact us if you want something modified or that is not up to your liking. Once your clear aligners are purchased, production is started immediately, and a refund is no longer available, however in special cases a refund will be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Our Guarantees to you:

Starter Kit Guarantee:

When you buy a starter kit, an AIDP will remotely evaluate your case using cutting edge technology. If the AIDP does not believe that you are a good candidate, we will let you know and your starter kit will be fully refunded.

Lifetime Smile Guarantee:

Your smile is guaranteed for life, we will provide you with an additional starter kit, new AIDP evaluation and new steps of clear aligners if your teeth move out of alignment once your treatment has been completed. This guarantee covers unwanted movement after treatment is completed and you can show that the treatment plan and retainer use has been followed as directed. Only teeth that were initially moved in the treatment plan are covered under this guarantee, it does not cover teeth affected by trauma, that are missing, that have been affected by other dental treatments or that have changed due to any other health reasons. Permanent retainers void this guarantee. While teeth may move again after treatment is completed, retainers are required to prevent that from happening. 2 pairs will be included once your treatment is completed. Retainers must be worn every night and as directed. We recommend buying new retainers every 6 months. To qualify for our lifetime guarantee you have to: 1) buy retainers from Sequence32 or another source as long as you have valid proof of purchase, proof of purchase must be sent out to no later than 45 days after purchase and 2) confirm once a year that you are actively wearing your retainers.

The words and phrases used in this Policy have the same meaning as in all other Sequence32 policies. A list of all definitions is available here.

Last updated March 2021

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