“Sequence32 Platform” or “Platform” means our website, member area and other relevant sites.

“Information” or “Personal Information” means the information gathered through the use of the Platform including the completion of the Am I a Candidate questionnaire, the dental/medical questionnaire, the uploaded images and completed starter kit facts.

“Users” or “User” means an individual which has registered and created a Sequence32 User Account in accordance with our Terms of Use.

“Policy” means the policy you are currently viewing.

“Data” means information collected or compiled through the Sequence32 Platform which has been de-identified.

“AIDP” or “AIDPs” mean the Assigned Independent Dental Professional, the dentist that you are assigned to which independently uses our Platform to provide you with telehealth orthodontic services.

“Personnel” in relation to Sequence32, means its employees and agents including independent contractors and sub-contractors, for whom Sequence32 is responsible at law.

“Terms” means our Terms of Use.

“Referral Program” means our referral program allowing both Users and non-Users to make revenue from sharing our Platform to friends, family, or audience members.

“Content” means content of our website including texts, videos, photographs, illustrations, graphics and other.

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