Our Mission:

Sequence32 was founded with the belief that everyone deserves straighter teeth and a perfect smile.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality and most affordable solution for your smile.

Our team worked for over a year testing every aligner solution available to understand the positives of each and areas of improvement.  We created our own version of what we think is the absolute best and highest quality clear aligner solution.


About 60% of the population would benefit from clear aligner treatment, but only 1% can afford to do it. 25% of people are self-conscious of their smile.  We want to offer the possibility of getting clear aligners to more people. That’s why we are making it convenient and accessible. 


We are a Canadian brand and our clear aligners are manufactured in Canada. We strive to be an all Canadian brand because we just love it here. We are prepared to invest more to make this core value a reality.

We are looking forward to being there for you throughout your amazing smile odyssey.

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