Your dream smile, made simple

Straighten your teeth with custom clear aligners at a cost of up to 65% less than braces. Your best smile in an average of 5 months. Convenient. Simple. Affordable

It’s all about you

Why us?

We want you to achieve a better clinical outcome. It's not magic: it's science.

Premium Aligners

Achieve optimal outcome with Zendura® FLX, the highest performance clear aligners. They provide a clearer, comfortable fit while achieving predictable results. 

  • Superior comfort
  • Visually appealing
  • Great progressive tooth moving force

High standard of care

You will be assigned a dedicated dentist to analyze your case and design a plan suited to your needs, resulting in unsurpassed compliance and results.

  • Our safety-first policy
  • Professional dedicated dentists, with you every step of the way
  • Frequent follow-ups, every 14 days versus our competitors’ 90 days

Smile design science

A beautiful smile is more than just straight teeth. Your personalized treatment will take into account the proportions of your face and design a smile that is unique to you. That's why we ask for 8 images.

  • Perfect proportions: your teeth should be proportional to the rest of your face, parallel to your eyes and cheekbones
  • Symmetry in motion: we will position your front teeth in the center of your face to ensure perfect symmetry
  • Lips matter: minimizing the negative spaces between your teeth and the corners of your lips unveil more teeth when you smile
  • On the bright side: brighter whiter teeth are the finishing touch to your flawless new smile. That’s why we include a professional-grade whitening kit free of charge

Lifetime smile guarantee

We want you to put your best smile forward, for good. We offer 2 complimentary sets of retainers to keep your newly aligned teeth in place and what’s more, if your teeth ever move out of alignment, we will help you get your smile back on track free of charge

Three simple steps

How it works


Get your kit, send in your details

Your starter kit comes complete with everything you need to take impressions of your teeth and pictures of your smile using your smartphone camera.


Treatment approval and design

Your dedicated dentist will plan out a sequence of movements to achieve the smile you want and send you a 3D preview of your treatment.


Receive your clear aligners

The journey begins when your custom aligners arrive at your door. A whitening treatment and 2 sets of retainers are included. Your dedicated dentist will follow up with you every 14 days.

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$2499 or as low as $108/month

Your full treatment cost is $2499 or finance it with Paybright™ for 24 months


  • Customized smile design
  • Complete set of premium aligners
  • Follow-ups every 14 days
  • 2 free sets of retainers 
  • Free whitening treatment
  • Up to $1000 off for minor cases

Why pay more than you need to?

We believe in fair pricing for all, so we offer discounts based on the complexity of your needs. A minor correction can receive up to $1000 off the complete treatment cost.

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Before & afters

Real people, real results


16 Steps - Side, Crowding, Protrusion


16 steps - Front, Crowding, Protrusion


10 steps - Crowding


14 Steps - Top View, Crowding


14 steps - Bottom view, Protrusion


14 steps - Crowding

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