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What is the process of a clear aligner treatment?
You start with a free online or in-clinic consultation and determine if you are a candidate. The first appointment consists of x-rays, orthodontic examination, 3D scans and photos. Your dentist will then establish a 3D treatment plan to achieve desired results and order your aligners. Your dentist will deliver your treatment four weeks later and place attachments if necessary. Follow-ups are done remotely and in-clinic until treatment is completed.
How do I know if I’m a candidate?
A dentist will assess your case during an online or in-person consultation and let you know if you are a candidate for Sequence32 clear aligners.
How long is a treatment on average?
Treatments usually range from 6-18 months on average, but you will start noticing progress as early as two months in.
Should I get a dental cleaning before starting my treatment?
Yes. We recommend that you have a check-up and cleaning done within 3 months before you start your alignment treatment. It’s essential to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, and that there is no tartar present before you start your alignment treatment. It is also essential to have all cavities treated before starting your treatment.
Should I get my wisdom teeth taken out before my treatment?
If your dentist has recommended having your wisdom teeth extracted, it is best to do so before your scan appointment. There needs to be a 6-week lapse between extractions and first appointments. If your dentist has not recommended having your wisdom teeth extracted, you can start the treatment process.
Can I still get treatment if I have an implant?
Our treatment can work for some cases who have an implant. Your dentist will evaluate your case and determine if you are a candidate depending on the position of your implant and the movements necessary for your treatment.
Can I still get treatment if I have missing teeth?
Our treatment can work for some cases who have missing teeth. Your dentist will evaluate your case and determine if you are a candidate depending on the location of the missing teeth.

Sequence32 Aligners

What are clear aligners?
Clear aligners are tight-fitting, clear, custom-fit, BPA-free plastic trays that go over your teeth and shift them in their desired positions.
How do Sequence32 clear aligner treatments work?
A clear aligner treatment is a sequence of upper and lower clear aligner pairs. Each pair of aligners creates pressure on specific teeth to allow small movements. A sequence of movements will place teeth in the desired position until optimal results are achieved.
What material are the aligners made of?
Sequence32 clear aligners are made of Zendura® FLX, a high-performing material. They provide a clear, comfortable fit and achieve excellent, predictable results. In addition, they are visually appealing and barely noticeable.
Are Sequence32 aligners straight or scalloped?
Sequence32 aligners are cut straight above the gumline to get optimal force to straighten your teeth. This allows treatment with minimal attachments.
Are the aligners really transparent?
They are as transparent as can be when worn.
What do I do if I lose or break an aligner?
If you lose or break an aligner please contact your dentist for assistance.
How often do I have to clean my aligners, and how?
The best way to clean clear aligners is with a gentle fragrance free soap,followed by thorough rinsing. Every time you take off your clear aligners to eat, it is essential to brush your teeth, floss and clean your aligners. The antibacterial foam can be used twice daily to whiten your teeth and refresh your aligners. Avoid hot water and toothpaste.
What do I do if I lose my aligner case?
If you lose your aligner case, you will be able to purchase one on our store.


Will an orthodontist review my case?
Yes. An orthodontist reviews all the Sequence32 treatment plans.
Will I get a 3D preview of my treatment?
Yes. Please ask your dentist for your 3D treatment preview.
How long will my treatment last?
We will give you the exact length of treatment once your treatment setup is done, but on average, treatments last between 6 to 18 months.
Can I only treat my upper or lower teeth?
Yes. If one of your arches has perfect teeth, you can only treat one arch, but your dentist must first evaluate your bite. Your dentist will determine if that is possible and what would be the best treatment option for you.
How long do I have to wear each aligner?
Each aligner should be worn for 2 weeks. This is because your teeth will move into position during the first few days and will then be stabilized into this position during the rest of the 2 weeks. Therefore, it is important to wear each aligner for 2 weeks to avoid rushing too fast and protect the ligaments around your teeth.
Do I keep my old aligners?
Yes. Always keep all your aligners. If, for whatever reason, you interrupt your treatment or lose an aligner, you can always go back to one of your previous aligners when you contact your dentist.
How do I use the removal tool?
For your upper teeth, the removal tool should be hooked on the upper edge of your aligner on any side in the back to pull down and remove your clear aligner. For your lower teeth, the removal tool should be hooked on the lower edge of your aligner on any side in the back to pull up and remove your clear aligner. After wearing a set of aligners for a few days, they will loosen up, and you might not need to use it.
How do I use my chewies?
Your chewies should be used every day to bite down on them and adequately seat the aligners in place, preferably at night before bed. Also, if you feel discomfort because you are wearing a new set of aligners, biting down on the chewies can help relieve the pain.
How should I wear my clear aligners?
Each pair of clear aligners should be worn 22 hours a day for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks and accepted scans, you can move on to the next pair of aligners. The treatment will only give optimal results if aligners are worn as prescribed 100% of the recommended time. Please make sure to use your chewies for 5-10 minutes per day to allow for proper aligner seating. Moving on to the next pair of aligners prematurely will compromise the treatment outcome.
Will I experience discomfort during my clear aligner treatment?
Every time you put on a new set of aligners, your teeth might be a little sore for a few days. This is normal. If necessary, you can take acetaminophen to relieve the discomfort and bite on your chewies. The soreness will gradually diminish, and you will find that your aligners might even be a little loose by the end of the 2 weeks.
How do I wear my retainers?
After all the work you’ve put in to have your new smile, protect your investment by wearing your retainers. They should be worn 22 hours a day (except for eating and brushing) for 4 weeks and then only at night until forever. After that, retainers should be changed every 6 months.
How do I get new retainers?
We give you a set of retainers after your treatment, so that should last you for a while, but when needed, you can order new retainers.
How do I whiten my teeth during the treatment?
You will receive Sequence32 whitening gel syringes at the end of your treatment.
How long does it take to receive my aligners?
Once ordered, you should receive your complete set of aligners in 4 weeks.
How does the smile design science work?
Your treatment will be designed to achieve optimal symmetry and perfect proportions. This means that your smile will be straight and proportionate to your facial structure.
When, during the day, should I switch to my next set of aligners?
Switching to your next step of aligners is recommended at night before bed.


How much does it cost?
Sequence32 clear aligner treatments usually range between $2500 and $5500, depending on the complexity of your case.
Do I have to pay it all at once?
No. Please discuss with your dentist financing options.
What methods of payment are accepted?
Please ask your dentist.
Can I claim my alignment treatment to insurance?
Yes, please ask your dentist for insurance claim forms for your clear aligner treatment.


What’s the minimal age for Sequence32 alignment treatment?
The minimal age is 14 years old. We require that you are a consenting patient before making the wonderful decision to align your teeth.
How do I change my email on file?
Simply contact us and we will be able to change your email on file.

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