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Clear, comfortable, convenient, professional aligners with the dentist you trust.

It’s all about you

Why us?

We want you to achieve a better clinical outcome. It's not magic: it's science.

Care you can trust

Your dentist will collaborate with an orthodontist to design the optimal plan that best fits you. Our specialists will be there with you every step of the way.

  • Orthodontist verified treatment plans
  • Frequent virtual follow-ups every 14 days
  • AI-guided behavioral and biological adaptation

Premium Aligners

Achieve optimal outcome with Zendura® FLX, the highest performance clear aligner material. They provide a clearer, comfortable fit while achieving predictable results. 

  • Superior comfort
  • Visually appealing
  • Great progressive tooth moving force

Smile design science

A beautiful smile is more than just straight teeth. Your personalized treatment will consider your face's proportions and design a smile that is unique to you.

  • Perfect proportions: your arch will be parallel to your eyes and cheekbones
  • Symmetry in motion: your front teeth will be in the center of your face
  • Lips matter: minimizing negative spaces between your teeth and your lips.

  • On the bright side: we include professional whitening to use at the end of your treatment

      Affordable pricing

      We believe that everybody deserves to have a straighter, healthier smile. Sequence32 treatments are designed to simplify the process for all and be more affordable, convenient, and accessible.

      Three simple steps

      How it works?


      Consultation & scan

      Your dentist will perform a complete orthodontic exam, take x-rays, a scan and photographs.


      Treatment planning

      To achieve your optimal smile, your dentist will collaborate with an orthodontist to create your custom smile sequence.


      Constant follow-ups

      Your dentist will constantly follow up with you in-clinic and virtually until you achieve your optimal smile. 


      Comprehensive treatment

      Your full treatment cost usually ranges between $2,500 and $5,500

      • Mild to complex cases
      • Orthodontist verified planning
      • In-person & virtual follow-ups
      • IPR & attachments
      • Premium Zendura® FLX aligners
      • Made in Canada

      Why pay more than you need to?

      Streamlining clinical processes is not easy, but we’ve done it, allowing you to save on your orthodontic journey.

      Before & afters

      Real people, real results


      15 steps - Spaced


      21 steps - Crowding


      16 Steps - Side, Crowding, Protrusion


      16 steps - Front, Crowding, Protrusion


      14 Steps - Top View, Crowding


      14 steps - Bottom view, Protrusion

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