Safety-First Policy

We believe that a straighter smile should not cost you a fortune. The Sequence32 solution saves you the 3X markup charged by in-person treatment. Remote care is a new awesome way to achieve great results without breaking the bank and without the hassle of constant appointments. However, it does have its limits. Sequence32’s protocols are limited to 24 steps, out of precaution. We have analyzed and tested every remote care treatment plans out there and came up with a more conservative approach to maximize satisfaction and positive results. Some individuals require more extensive in-clinic treatments to achieve a healthier smile and bite. If this is your case, you will be made aware.

The differences between clear aligner brands are vast.

Images: Some ask for as few as 3 images while we ask for 8, the orthodontic standard, giving us more analyzing, planning power and the ability to offer our smile design science.

Impressions: Some brands provide low quality too easy to release impression putty which is less accurate and needs to be compensated physically, we only provide high quality PVS material that is incredibly accurate, meaning your aligners will fit perfectly.

Protocols: Unlike other brands we would never just align your front teeth because that could ruin your bite. We also do not try to go faster than your bones and ligaments biology and give your body a chance to heal properly.

Follow-ups: We will follow-up with you every 14 days. We request a series of images every 14 days so that your assigned dentist can make sure that your treatment is progressing the right way.

Clear aligners: Sequence32 clear aligners are made of the best quality material called Zendura Flx™ which increases patient comfort and treatment efficiency and precision.

Honesty is the best policy and our safety-first policy was created with only you in mind since dental health is of the upmost importance. It might mean that it’s harder to get approved for our treatment but that is only for good reasons.

Updated March 2021

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